Coming Soon...

We've talked about it.

We've had many requests for it.

It's finally time for Origin to introduce it - SHIPPING IN CANADA!

Are you excited?? We do love meeting customers who come to see us from all over, but we understand you might not be able to see us as much as you like, especially if you live far away from Victoria.

We'll be starting off with a more limited menu of items that can travel well, don't require refrigeration, and have a shelf life of at least 2 days. Most of our bread range will be available, except for our baguettes. Assembled cakes aren't really meant to go through our mailing system, so we've come up with Cake and Cupcake Kits to work around the issue. You'll get a box of all the pieces you'll need to set up a delicious gluten-free cake or cupcakes - what a great activity this could be with the family! We take care of the gluten-free baking, and you get to do the fun part of decorating. We'll include detailed instructions with links for how-to videos as well!

Our new online store will be launching soon, and you'll be able to order, purchase, and choose your shipping - all from the comfort of your home.

If you live on Vancouver Island, we'll have a delivery option too, with our complete menu available!

Stay tuned for the launch date and more details...

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