Cake Decorating Tools

If you get one of our Cake Kits you'll want to have several handy tools ready when you assemble your cake.

Stand Mixer - very useful for whipping up your frosting or buttercream into a fluffy cloud. You can also use regular old beaters, but with a stand mixer you can set it and do something else while your frosting is mixing!

Spatula - helps you scrape out every bit of precious frosting from the container into your mixing bowl. You'll also want to scrape down the sides of your mixing bowl halfway through whipping your frosting to make sure everything is mixed together properly. A spatula is handy for loading up frosting into your piping bag too.

Serrated Knife - if you're making a 4 layer cake, you'll need a good sharp bread knife to cut your layers in half horizontally. See our video link for assembling a four layer cake to see how to cut your layers.

Pastry Brush - handy for brushing on your drench or glaze.

Offset Spatula - also known as a palette knife, this tool is really perfect for spreading fillings out, smoothing buttercreams and frostings, and creating a nice flat edge on your cakes.

Revolving Cake Stand - or Cake Turntable, these make it much easier to smooth or create interesting patterns in the frosted sides of your cake.

Piping Bag - we include a plastic piping bag in your Cake Kit! It's fairly sturdy plastic so you'll be able to wash and reuse it several times. Piping bags make quick work of spreading an even layer of frosting in layers or around the outside edges of a cake, and of course are what you need to create many decorative finishes on cakes and cupcakes.

Piping Tips - if you don't have any, you can just snip off the end of your plastic piping bag and squeeze from that. But you'll have much more fun and prettier results if you use piping tips. You can start off with a basic round tip and a star tip, or have some fun with decorative tips like these from Lee Valley.