Granola Bars

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These hearty bars are filling and perfect for bringing along on trips or a hike in case you need a boost!
Each bag contains 2 servings.


butter: pure oats, butter, organic cane sugar, organic pumpkin seeds, dates, organic sunflower seeds, organic unsweetened coconut, organic dried cranberries (apple sweetened), honey, organic flax seeds, organic quinoa flakes, organic brown rice flakes, organic brown rice flour, hemp hearts, organic chia seeds, organic sesame seeds, baking soda, sea salt

base: gluten-free rolled oats, organic brown rice syrup, Cultured Nut plant-based ‘butter' (contains cashews), organic unsweetened coconut, hemp hearts, oat flour, organic cane sugar, puffed organic quinoa, water, vanilla bean powder, sea salt
(dairy-free, vegan depending on feature flavour)

flavour variations will vary depending on our current feature!

Our 'trail mix' variation (vegan) will be available to order each week on a regular basis, and contains almonds, cranberries & pumpkin seeds.

Regular Bar does not contain: gluten, egg, soy, corn, potato, nuts 
Feature Bar does not contain: gluten, dairy, egg, potato (vegan, and soy/corn-free depending on flavour variation)


Bars will last up to 4 weeks.