We use some kind of sweetener in everything we make, whether it be organic cane sugar, brown sugar, white sugar, organic maple syrup, organic brown rice syrup or BC honey.

There are many names for sugars out there such as 'evaporated cane syrup' and 'raw sugar', and it could come from sugar cane or sugar beets, but your body still recognizes it all as sugar, so just be reasonable with what you consume, and be wary of any sugar labeled 'healthy'.

Many people don't actually know where sugar comes from, but most people have heard that sugar is bad for you. Sugar is definitely something you should not take in large quantities, and when you buy a cupcake you are usually aware that you are buying it as a Treat, not a healthy snack. If you are interested in finding out more about sugar and health check out this article and this article.

Sugar is a magical ingredient in baking! We sometimes get requests for items sweetened with alternatives like stevia, but that is not a suitable replacement for sugar in baking; sugar has properties that contribute to many other factors besides sweetness, including texture, moisture, body, colour and preservation. Find out more on the Canadian Sugar Institute's website.