How To Make A Drench

"Drench" is what we call the liquid, usually simple syrup, brushed on cake layers. Why do we drench our cake layers? To keep them moist longer! You can also add some depth of flavour to your cakes and cupcakes by using flavoured drench.

Simple syrup is Simple to make. Mix equal parts sugar and water, and bring just to the boil. If you don't have a pot, you could just boil water in a kettle and add to the sugar, stirring to dissolve. Once sugar is completely dissolved, let your syrup cool completely before applying to your cake.

Apply this Simple Syrup with a pastry brush all over the top of each cake layer, allowing the drench to slide down the side of the cake layer too, this helps to trap moisture inside the cake. If you don’t have a pastry brush you can choose to slowly drizzle your “drench” with a spoon, this will work too.
Make sure to cover your layer completely, but don't add too much or you'll have a soggy cake. Allow drench to soak in before applying your frosting or buttercream.

Add some flavour by using coffee instead of water, or add vanilla, cinnamon, lemon or mint. Try brushing some root beer or Irish Cream liqueur on a chocolate cake! Or Amaretto on an almond cake! Infusing a lemon drench with lavender blossoms would be great for our Lemon Cream Cake kits.

Extra syrup could be used for cocktails. Get creative and have fun!