Corn-Free Products

breads: We consider all of our breads corn-free since we do not use corn starch/flour/syrups; however, they contain a small amount of xanthan gum, which is usually derived from corn glucose. Normally this does not affect those with a corn intolerance. If you have a severe corn allergy, you may react to this ingredient. We always recommend checking with staff as well to make sure there has been no cross contact with corn-containing items.

sweets - most of our items are corn-free, so here is a list of items that DO contain corn: cream cheese frosting, chocolate fudge frosting, royal icing, chantilly cream, macarons, shortbread, anything with apricot glaze (including almond slice, cinnamon buns, panettone, hot cross buns, fruitcake, fresh fruit tarts)
Our lemon meringue PIE filling contains cornstarch, but our lemon meringue TART filling is corn-free.