orchard cupcake

These summertime cupcakes are topped with fresh local berries and whipped chantilly cream. We recommend butter sponge cake, but you can order with chocolate or almond cake instead.


butter sponge cake: organic cane sugar, free-range eggs, milk, butter, tapioca starch, potato starch, organic white rice flour, fonio flour, organic baking powder, sea salt, guar gum, vanilla bean

chocolate cake: brown sugar, buttermilk, coffee, expeller-pressed canola oil, pure oat flour, garfava flour, organic cocoa, free-range eggs, arrowroot starch, potato flour, organic brown rice flour, baking soda, guar gum, organic baking powder, vanilla bean, sea salt

almond cake: free-range eggs, almond marzipan paste, butter, organic cane sugar, arrowroot flour, tapioca flour, organic garfava flour, organic sorghum flour, organic baking powder, sea salt, guar gum

chantilly: whipping cream, white chocolate, milk, free-range eggs, organic cane sugar, cornstarch, butter, vanilla bean, sea salt

Does not contain: gluten, soy



Berry Cream Torte

Try our Cake version that features summer berries & cream! Choose butter sponge, chocolate or almond cake layered with chantilly and berries. The outside will be masked with vanilla buttercream and garnished with more berries.


A special cake we sometimes feature in the summer is a Charlotte. This cake is made with 2 thick layers of fluffy sponge cake, a middle layer of creamy vanilla mousseline and fresh berries, and garnished on top with more mousseline and fresh berries with miroir. The sides are covered with ladyfingers, and we finish the cake with a pretty bow tied around it all!