Berry Season!


Summertime in BC provides such a bounty of berries and fruit, and we are using lots in our current gluten-free features! Read more below and scroll down to see pictures of the treats we’re making this week.


Feature Gluten-Free Cakes

Pink Lemonade
Our fluffy gluten-free sponge cake is filled with layers of lemon curd and strawberry or raspberry buttercream, covered with more berry buttercream. This cake is often garnished with local edible flowers!

Black Forest
Gluten-free chocolate cake filled with a layer of rich chocolate ganache in the centre, and 2 other layers of chantilly whipped cream and lightly brandied cherries. Vanilla kirsch buttercream, lightened with a bit of chantilly, surrounds the cake, and a few sugared cherries garnish the top.

Vegan Raspberry Ganache
Our popular vegan chocolate cake is filled with layers of homemade raspberry preserves, and topped with fresh raspberries and whipped mocha ganache.

Feature Gluten-Free Cupcakes

Pink Lemonade
Sponge cake, lemon curd, pink berry buttercream

Black Forest
Chocolate cake, brandied cherries, vanilla kirsch buttercream

Vegan Raspberry
Vegan chocolate cake, raspberry preserves, whipped mocha ganache & fresh raspberry

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Feature Gluten-Free Pastries

Berry Galette
Crispy cream cheese pastry, filled with frangipane and local berries.

Berry Frangipane Tart
We feature local berries (might be blueberries one day, and raspberries or strawberries the next!) baked into the frangipane of this tart, made with a hidden layer of homemade berry preserves and served in a vanilla frolla pastry shell.

Lemon Blueberry Tart
In the summertime we top our fabulous lemon lavender tart with a pile of fresh local blueberries!

Cherry Chocolate Tart
Vanilla frolla pastry, chunky brandied cherry preserves, dark chocolate ganache, chantilly whipped cream.

Berry Cream Puffs
Choux pastry puffs dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with hazelnut praline, filled with berry mousseline and fresh local berries.

Apple Berry Pie
Our classic gluten-free apple pies are always available to order, but throughout the summer you will see us feature mixed apple berry pies for something a bit extra!

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