Celebrate with Cake

birthday cake drips.jpg

We had some fun with rainbow sprinkles on cake! Pictured above is our Chocolate Birthday Cake, layered with chocolate ganache and vanilla buttercream. It's a variation of our Triple Chocolate Cake - we just substituted in vanilla bean buttercream for chocolate, and added sprinkles. We have chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and rainbow sprinkles too if you just need a little fun treat (not just for birthdays...)! We'll feature this cake a bit longer until we replace it with our decadent Black Forest Cake soon!
If you were hoping to order this festive cake for a party but after we finish this feature, you still can! We now have a standard roster of cake variations that you can order all year with your choice of chocolate, almond, butter sponge, carrot or vegan chocolate cake layers. Want a simple 2 layer cake with frosting? Or 4 layer torte with buttercream? Something fruity or with tangy lemon? Check out our cake menu and click on the images for more info about ingredients and available variations: