Cake in the Mail


Our first vision for Origin was to provide a safe space for celiacs to come in and get excited about all the yummy choices. We still want that, but now we also want to share with all the visitors who have asked us over the years "When are you opening a bakery in my town?" or "Could you please ship me your goods??"

You may have heard we are about to offer online shopping and shipping (really soon, I promise!). A lot of our goods will ship pretty well, but something we had to figure out was how to send cake in the mail. We've come up with Cake Kits and Cupcake Kits! These kits are our way of sharing Origin's fabulous cake with those of you who can't visit. We take care of the tricky gluten-free baking, and you just do the fun assembly part.



- 2 plain cake layers or 6 plain cupcakes
- plastic containers of fillings, frosting and/or buttercream
- bag of garnish pieces (such as mini meringue shapes)
- cake board
- plastic piping bag (decorating tips not included, but you can decorate without!)
- instructions
- cake box to put it in when you're done


- a serrated bread knife if you want to cut layers in half (or you don't have to cut them, and leave as a 2 layer cake!)
- a pastry brush for applying 'drench' to your cake layers (optional)
- either a stand mixer or beaters and a bowl to whip your frosting/buttercream
- we recommend an offset spatula for spreading the frosting/buttercream, but in a pinch you could use a butter knife or even a spoon...
- piping tips if you want to do some fancy frosting



You will be able to see cake tips and short videos with instructions on our new site as well.

Check out this one for assembling the inside of a 4 layer cake with frosting.



We aren't able to ship cheesecakes or any Cake Kits with pastry cream, chantilly or mousse since we have to mail components that don't require immediate refrigeration. You'll still have at least 15 variations of possible Cake or Cupcake Kits to order.

If you just want cake layers or sides of buttercreams or fillings, you can order those individually too! Need party ideas? A fun activity with friends or family could be a cupcake decorating contest - just pick up some food colouring for your buttercream or frosting and get creative together!

If you live in Victoria, you can still order Cake/Cupcake Kits for pick-up, or choose from our wider selection of assembled feature cakes.

If you're planning a wedding, Victoria is a lovely destination and we do make wedding cakes as well!

See the Cake/Cupcake Kits menu on our new site!

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lemon cream slice resize slice.jpg