everything cookies

These large sized oatmeal cookies have raisins, chocolate chips, coconut and organic seeds for those who like a bit of everything in their cookies. Baked fresh every day.

butter, pure oats, organic cane sugar, brown sugar, organic sorghum flour, free-range eggs, organic raisins, pure oat bran, dark chocolate chips, organic golden flax flour, quinoa flakes, organic pumpkin seeds, organic sunflower seeds, organic unsweetened coconut, tapioca starch, organic flax seeds, baking soda, organic baking powder, guar gum, sea salt, organic cinnamon, vanilla bean

Does not contain: gluten, nuts, (choc chips contain soy lecithin)
*currently not potato-free, since our baking powder supply contains a small amount of organic potato starch

$2.25 each