Chocolate Ganache, 250ml

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For chocolate lovers! This rich ganache is made with Michel Cluizel french dark chocolate. Use it to spread inside layers of a cake, or melt it to garnish the tops of your eclairs, cream puffs or cheesecakes. You could even make mini truffles by forming into tsp size balls and rolling in a garnish like cocoa, crushed nuts, toasted coconut, or whatever you like!

We make 2 varieties - one with coffee for those who need something dairy-free. The coffee flavour is not very strong; the predominant flavour is dark chocolate.


regular ganache: Michel Cluizel chocolate, whipping cream

vegan ganache: Michel Cluizel chocolate, Discovery coffee

Does not contain: gluten, oats, eggs, soy, corn
Vegan ganache variation contains no dairy.


Ganache will keep at least 2 weeks in the fridge.

Make sure ganache is at a spreadable consistency before applying to a cake - you may need to warm it slightly from room temperature. For a lighter consistency, you can whip it with a whisk attachment on your stand mixer (or regular beaters).