Make it a Mealshare! $1

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We are once again partnering with Mealshare, a fantastic charity who doesn't think it's acceptable that 1 in 4 kids are malnourished, and they are doing something about it. You can help by letting us donate to their cause!

You can now see your Mealshare contribution as a separate item rather than associated with specific menu items.
You may have been familiar with purchasing Mealshare items in the past - well now you can make Any item a Mealshare item for $1!
Each time you add this to your order we will donate $1 to Mealshare and they will provide a simple healthy meal for a youth in need

More thoughts from this company:

At Mealshare, we believe that everyone deserves the right to eat. Unfortunately, youth and kids are the most vulnerable individuals and too often find themselves in situations where they are not able to get adequate nutrition. If we provide meals, education, and holistic support to these individuals when they are young, there’s a much better chance that they will be able to pull themselves out of whatever destructive cycles or issues they’re facing. We support youth today, because they will support the world tomorrow.

All of our partner charities support youth. Each of our charities define ‘youth’ differently, and the youth that one of charitable partners supports may be very different than the youth that another one of our charities support. From a girl in second grade at an elementary school in inner city Vancouver, to a teenager name Moussa in rural Mali, to a 21 year-old woman living on the streets in downtown Calgary, we support individuals who still have a long future ahead of them and haven’t had their shot at self-sufficiency yet. With Mealshare and our partner charities’ support, we’re confident that their futures will be bright and full of opportunity!