6" Cheesecake

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Delivery Available: No, In-Store Pickup Only


Cheesecakes are usually made once a week so we require a week's notice for full-sized cake orders.

Our cheesecakes are very creamy and rich - stay tuned to our social media to find out current features, or give us a call if you have a flavour request.
If you know our current flavours and want to request one leave us a note in your Cart when checking out


filling: cream cheese, white/dark chocolate and/or fruit puree, sour cream, organic cane sugar, free-range eggs
crust: varies depending on cake or cookie crumbs used

Does not contain: gluten
Depending on crust, may not contain soy, corn, nuts, potato
If you want to special order a larger cheesecake, we may have options for nut-free crusts.


Cheesecakes will last 7-12 days, depending on storage conditions.