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Carrot Cake

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Delivery Available: Yes, Victoria Area Only


This classic cake is moist and satisfying, No nuts or raisins or any additions - just straight up carrot cake, slathered with a layer of cream cheese frosting in the middle and around the outside. Garnished with a sprinkling of toasted coconut.
Pickup or local delivery only.


cake: organic cane sugar, carrots, expeller-pressed canola oil, free-range eggs, organic brown rice flour, organic sorghum flour, pure oat flour, arrowroot starch, garfava flour, tapioca starch, fresh ginger, baking soda, organic baking powder, guar gum, organic spices, vanilla bean
cream cheese frosting: icing sugar (contains cornstarch), cream cheese, Callebaut white chocolate, butter, vanilla bean
garnish on cake: toasted organic coconut

Does not contain: gluten, soy, nuts, potato


This cake will last 4-6 days in the fridge, depending on storage conditions. Freezes well! Thaw in fridge several hours before serving.


6" cake serves 6-8
8" cake serves 12-14
10" cake serves 16-20
half slab serves 40-50