Christmas menu

Christmas is approaching faster than you think, and we have some fantastic seasonal features to get you into the festive spirit! Make sure to order what you’d like in advance to get what you need for your holiday dinners and parties.
Check out some of our seasonal features here, and place your orders before the cut-off at noon Dec 19.


Herb & Garlic Vega Bread - our Vega Bread with roasted garlic cloves and organic herbs, available Dec 7, 14, 21 & 23
Stuffing Mix - 300g bags of cubes (about 3 cups) made from our mixed dried breads & organic herb mix (make sure to reserve some ahead if you need this!), $8 per bag
Mini Panettone - little glazed buns made with candied citrus, raisins and cranberries and a hint of spice. These will replace cinnamon buns and be available on Dec 8, 15, 20 & 22. Store in your freezer then thaw and warm up for special mornings!
$3.25 each

See our normal bread schedule here.

panettone lineup.jpg


Breads available on Sunday Dec 23:
At both stores: Sourdoughs, Spring, Vega, Herb & Garlic Vega, Oat, Baguettes, hamburger buns, cheese buns, dinner rolls (we recommend focaccia or spring dough)
Muffins, Scones, Quiche (no sandwiches)
Breads available on Monday Dec 24:
At Pandora location only: Sourdoughs, Vega, Baguettes
No buns, quickbreads or lunch items (except meat pies)


fruitcake cut face.jpg


Apple Pie & Pumpkin Pie* - made with our flaky pie pastry
*pumpkin pies available Dec 17 - 24

Mincemeat Tarts - tangy apples, raisins & spice in a pie pastry shell
Butter Tarts - brandied maple filling & organic raisins
Almond Cranberry Orange Torte & Cupcakes - almond pound cake, cranberry preserves, orange buttercream
Triple Chocolate Mint Cake & Cupcakes- chocolate cake, white chocolate peppermint ganache, chocolate buttercream
See Cake Menu for sizes/pricing.
Fruitcake - made with Krupnik spiced liqueur by Wayward Distillation House!
$16 just glazed, $16.50 with marzipan
Florentine Bars
Vanilla Shortbread
box/12 $12
Sugar Cookies:
- large snowman with royal icing $3
- large sugared mittens $2.50

- Large single cookies $2.85
- Bag/12 mini cookies $4.75
- ’Decorate-Your-Own’ Kit: 8 plain large, 200g gf candies, 150g white chocolate chips $24

See our Menu for our standard products available as well!


Don’t forget…

For easy lunches or dinners, stock up on some of our meat pies for your freezer! We’ll have traditional beef/pork Tourtieres in December, made with a hint of Christmas-y spices like cloves and nutmeg.
For family breakfasts over the holidays grab a pack of our muffin mix, pancake mix, or some of our crispy granola. Our little quiches freeze very well too!
We’ll be closed as usual between Christmas and New Year so you might want to get a bit more than usual the week before we close.



hours & Orders

We get really busy leading up to this holiday and highly recommend ordering ahead to make sure you get what you need! In order to properly organize ingredients and labour for the increased production, we implement early order cut-offs before the big feast holidays.

If you are picking up on December 20 - 24
order cut-off is at noon on Wed December 19.

After this cut-off we will sell products on a first come, first served basis to customers in store - no reserving. We'll make lots though!

We will be OPEN at both stores on Sunday Dec 23!!
We will be open until noon on Monday Dec 24, at our Pandora location only.
Our Goldstream location will be open at 8am instead of 9am on Dec 21 - 23.
We will be closed from December 25 - January 1, re-opening normal hours as of Wed Jan 2.

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gingerbread decorate box.jpg
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