Have fun and put together a cake how you like! We’ll provide the components you need. Gluten-free cake layers, plain cupcakes, sides of fruit preserves, curd, ganache, frosting or buttercream. Order what you need and assemble all by yourself, or make it a fun activity with friends or family. Or keep something in the freezer to keep on hand for impromptu parties!

Cake Layers:
6”, $7.50 - $10
8”, $13.50 - $18
10”, $19 - $25
Plain Cupcakes:
$3 each

Cream Cheese Frosting, 250ml, $6.50
Vanilla or Feature Buttercream, 250ml, $6.50
Michel Cluizel Chocolate Ganache, 250ml, $10
Feature Preserves, 250ml, $6
Lemon Curd, 250ml, $12