cakes & cupcakes


Check out our delicious selection that happens to be gluten-free!
Scroll down below gallery to see pricing and serving info. Click on images to see ingredients. When you've decided what you want, place your order! We do make cakes each day to sell from our display case, but if you’d like to order a cake we require 2 business days’ notice by 10:30am.



6" cakes - $44
8" cakes - $79
10" cakes - $110
half slab cakes - $149

6" round feeds 6-8
8" round feeds 12-14
10" round feeds 16-20
half slab feeds 40-50


cupcakes - $3.95 each

Each time you buy a cake, or 6 of our gluten-free cupcakes, you contribute to Mealshare!