If an item is unsatisfactory due to an error on our part, contact us within 48 hours of purchasing it.
Items in question must be returned for possible full exchange/credit.
If item is returned we will offer a store credit for full price of the same product, or 50% off the price of a similar product.
If item is not returned, we are willing to offer 50% off the price for the same product or type of product.

If we are contacted after 48 hours of the purchase, we may offer 50% off the same or similar item.

We do not accept product returns if you are dissatisfied due to personal taste, since we are unable to resell a food item.
If you would like to sample a bread beforehand, please contact us to see if we can have samples available for your next visit.

We have binders in our stores listing ingredients and allergens for all items, and you can find ingredients ahead of time by clicking on item images in our product menu, so make sure you choose products that contain the right ingredients for you.

All sales are final, unless there is an error on our part, so make sure you have chosen the appropriate products before purchasing.