We accept orders, by email or phone, for special items until 3pm the business day before pick-up.
Before feast holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas we usually set early order cut-off days, so keep posted with up to date information on our social media, blog, and in-store signage. You can also stay up to date by signing up for our Newsletter.
We do accept same day reservations, by phone, of products already made on Monday - Friday (Tuesday to Friday at Goldstream).
On Saturdays we only accept same day reservations with pre-payment.
We accept cake orders until 3pm, 2 business days before pick-up.
We do have a limited selection of 6" cakes available to reserve each day from our display case.
Did you know it is difficult to estimate how much bread we should make to sell each day? Some days are busier than we expect and we sell out early, so we recommend ordering ahead of time (even if it's only for 1 loaf) so you can get what you need. We like to be fair to our customers so we do offer same-day reservations (except on Saturdays), but only up to a maximum of 6 loaves of bread.

In order to prevent spoilage with unclaimed orders, our policy is to hold orders no later than 4pm, unless prepaid. To reserve later than 4pm we will accept credit card payment over the phone or in-store payment with cash/credit/debit; in this case, orders can be picked up until closing time.
Due to limited storage space and quality control, pre-paid unclaimed orders will be held up to 48 hours. After then, if we still have not been contacted, the order will be donated to a local shelter. Re-ordering will require payment again.