I served a beautiful bone-in ham this Easter weekend that I bought from The Village Butcher. If you are familiar with this butcher shop in Oak Bay you'll know that they sell a very high quality product, for which you will pay more, but it is so worth it. They also carry a large selection of house-made gluten-free sausages.

The great thing about bone-in roasts is that you get better value since you can make More meals from using the bone. So, if you still have a plate of leftover ham in the fridge, strip the meat off the bone (you can leave a bit on for extra flavour) and make a ham stock! Then you can use it for a range of dishes like soups, stews, and casseroles, even risotto. If you're not sure what to do with it yet, make stock anyway and just freeze it til you need it!

I just fill a large pot with water to cover the bone and add some onion, garlic and rosemary sprigs from my yard. Once it starts boiling I reduce the heat to low and let it gently simmer for 2 hours.
If you'd like a recipe, here is one from Bon Appetit magazine.