"Romance is the icing but love is the cake."
- Julia Child

You may or may not have romance in your life, but we hope you have love in abundance. With Family Day approaching on Monday, you can take advantage of a long weekend to spend some extra time with your loved ones, whether that means with family or a special Valentine (why wait for Valentine's Day?)!

plate message cookies.jpeg

Want to send a romantic or cheeky message to somebody? We have cinnamon heart sugar cookies iced with a variety of Valentine messages! Only $3 each.
A popular choice is of course Red Velvet, and we have cupcakes and cakes available. On the slim chance you're not familiar with Red Velvet, it's a cake lightly flavoured with cocoa and cinnamon, slathered with cream cheese frosting. This year we decorated ours with cute little meringue hearts.
I'm a sucker for chocolate and creamy things, so I highly recommend our Chocolate Truffle Tarts with Raspberry Mousse ($4.75): chocolate pastry, fluffy raspberry chantilly, and rich dark chocolate ganache. We even added some Valentine messages on top with white chocolate!
For little extras we have grab bags of meringue hearts ($2.50, & dairy-free!) or mini gingerbread hearts ($4.75). Spread some love and bring a bag to share at work or with friends as a sweet surprise!

Don't forget breakfast in bed! We recommend our Spring bread for fabulous gluten-free french toast, or heat up our quiche and serve with fresh fruit (and a mimosa!).

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