Have you ever craved Christmas dinner in the summer but thought it was a terrible idea to use the oven?? It is, but you don't have to! There are a bunch of creative ideas for Christmas in July parties that don't involve heating up your house.

Stuffing is one of the best parts of holiday dinners, and you can get fabulous results from using a crock-pot! Just put together your usual favourite gluten-free recipe and put it into the slow cooker instead of the oven, or try this recipe by Canadian Living.
This upcoming weekend is the time to do it, because we are making a surprise batch of our Herb & Garlic Vega bread on Friday!! We usually only make this bread for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but thought this year we'd treat you to an extra batch in the summer! Since we include the herbs and garlic, you don't need to add any to the stuffing recipe mix (unless you like Lots of herbs).

You might have trouble getting turkey in July, but chicken is better anyway (sorry turkey lovers..) and cooks easily on the BBQ. Remember beer can chicken? Delicious.
Or check out this recipe by Serious Eats for how to grill a whole butterflied chicken.

Since you're firing up the BBQ anyway, you can grill your vegetables and potatoes (parboiled) on there too - use kebab skewers to make it easier to manage.

Of course Martha Stewart has some creative party menu ideas, including a wreath made of green olives, bocconcini and mini pickled red peppers (or you could use cherry tomatoes), and a candy cane martini. Find out the recipes and even a suggested Christmas playlist here.

Jamie from Totally the Bomb has a post of more Christmas party in July ideas here. She includes Santa strawberries, which I've always wanted to make at Christmas but haven't because we don't have good local strawberries in December... Getting festive in July solves that problem!

Party activities could involve a 'snowball' fight with white water balloons! Or building a 'snowman' out of sand at the beach! See more details and ideas here.

I hope you feel inspired, and even if you don't have a Christmas party, I recommend ordering some of that gluten-free Herb & Garlic Vega bread this week:) Just think of the yummy grilled cheese possibilities!