It's finally June, and we'll start to see some delicious BC fruit soon! Since Victoria didn't really get much of a spring, the local berries are a bit behind this year, but we should be getting strawberries within the next week or so. We'll be featuring berries in a chocolate fudge cake or chiffon cake with a crispy macaron layer. You'll see berries on cupcakes and tarts, and our cream puffs too.

If you love making your own fresh fruit trifles and tarts, but have a hard time making gluten-free cake/pastry, we'll help you out. We sell plain frozen cake rounds, and 500g pieces of pastry.
You could order a chiffon cake round and top with fresh berries and whipped cream for an easy dessert. Or make it dairy-free and top with whipped coconut cream instead!

Stay tuned for our June Features post coming up when when we have an ETA on local strawberries.