Summer is nearing an end, but Victoria weather is still beautiful, and we'll be using local fruit a bit longer. Enjoy the berry cream puffs and orchard cupcakes while they last! This month you'll be excited about our gluten-free pastry when we switch to some fall flavours like our butter tarts and pumpkin tarts/pies. Oat fruit bars are already replaced by our florentine bars, and we won't be making lemon tarts again til January.
We will continue our creamy Orchard Chiffon cake while we're getting fresh fruit, and will transition to a new flavour mid - late September.
Our Chocolate Fudge cake with red wine strawberry preserves will be available another few days and then we'll be switching to a new feature cake - Chocolate Peach with chocolate ganache!
You'll start to see fall fruit like plums and pears in our almond galettes, which pair very nicely with a cup of our homemade chai.

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