It's local berry time! We're finally getting some fresh strawberries delivered so you'll see these featured in muffins, galettes, cheesecakes, and our new Chocolate Fudge Strawberry cake. When we start getting in cherries we'll switch up our Chocolate Fudge cake to a Black Forest Cake!
Our other feature cake is Chiffon (soft white cake) made with local blueberry preserves (from frozen until we get fresh berries) and delicate layers of macaron cookie, covered with vanilla buttercream and topped with blueberry macarons! Once we have local raspberries available we'll change our Chiffon feature to raspberry.
We are continuing our lemon lavender tarts, and once we get in fresh blueberries and raspberries we'll be adding berries to these tarts.

Our current features are listed below, and we have many other standard products available on a regular basis that you'll find in our gluten-free menu.


- Chocolate Fudge Strawberry (chocolate cake, chocolate fudge frosting, strawberry red wine preserves, fresh strawberries)
- Fruit Chiffon Torte (chiffon cake, macaron (contains almond), blueberry preserves, vanilla bean buttercream & blueberry macarons)
- Black Forest (chocolate cake layered with brandied cherries & chantilly cream, chocolate fudge frosting mask, fresh cherries)
- Fruit Chiffon Torte (chiffon cake, macaron (contains almond), raspberry preserves, vanilla bean buttercream & raspberry macarons)

- Vegan Mocha Ganache

- carrot cream cheese
- vegan mocha
- chiffon berry with buttercream (changing to orchard cupcake with chantilly cream in July)
- chocolate fudge strawberry (changing to black forest in July)

- lemon lavender tart (with raspberries in July)
galette with strawberries & lemon frangipane
- apple rhubarb berry pie and lemon meringue pie (we recommend ordering ahead if you want either flavour specifically)

- lemon sugar cookie butterflies and dragonflies

- Italian bun-wich (ham, salami, olive walnut tapenade, roasted red pepper, basil mayo, pickled onion, greens)
- turkey, brie & apple onion chutney baguette-wich
- cheeseburger pie (late July)

*NEW* Gluten-Free Crumb Coating Mix!
How do we make our breadcrumbs even better? Buy adding spices and turning it into a handy meat coating for easy delicious dinners, like Shake 'N Bake! If you're vegetarian, try coating chunks of avocado or cooked veggies. Available very soon! Stay tuned, and see instructions here.