Berry season is in full swing and we are featuring local fruit in as much as we can! We'll be using whatever fresh fruit we can get locally in Victoria so you'll see some rotating flavours, but let us know if you'd like to order some gluten-free cakes or pastries with a specific fruit. Right now we can get in blueberries, blackberries, raspberries (for a bit longer) and strawberries, and peaches are coming soon!
If you find our version of black forest cupcakes a bit rich with the chocolate fudge frosting you can order some ahead to be topped with chantilly cream instead, like our orchard cupcakes.

Our current features are listed below, and we have many other standard products available on a regular basis that you'll find in our gluten-free menu.

- Black Forest (chocolate cake layered with brandied cherries & chantilly cream, chocolate fudge frosting mask, fresh cherries)
- Orchard Chiffon (chiffon cake, chantilly cream, fresh seasonal berries/fruit, vanilla bean buttercream)
- Vegan Mocha Ganache

- carrot cream cheese
- vegan mocha
- orchard chiffon
- black forest fudge

- lemon lavender tart with fresh berries
galette with berries & orange frangipane
- seasonal fruit pie (apple berry, or stone fruit coming soon)
- berry crunch cream puff (fresh berries, chantilly cream, hazelnut praline crust)

- lemon sugar cookie butterflies, and animal crackers
- hibiscus sugar cookie flowers with royal icing

- smoked beef & cheddar bun-wich with dijon horseradish mayo and pickled onion
- turkey, brie & apple onion chutney baguette-wich
- cheeseburger pie

- oat bar with berry preserves filling