We have some lovely Easter features coming out, including our adorable Coconut Nest cakes and cupcakes available now! We'll have a few new products as well - a crispy glazed hazelnut cream puff, lemon meringue pie, and meat pies!
Stay tuned for more pictures on our social media.
Be aware we will have early order cut-offs for the week leading up to Easter weekend:
Last day to order sweets - Tuesday, April 11 by noon
Last day to order breads/lunch items - Wednesday, April 12 by noon

Our current features are listed below, and we have many other standard products available on a regular basis that you'll find in our gluten-free menu.

- Vegan Mocha
- Coconut Chiffon Nest (chiffon cake layered with coconut pastry cream, vanilla bean buttercream mask with toasted coconut and mini meringue eggs)
- Triple Chocolate Torte (chocolate cake layered with chocolate ganache & chocolate buttercream, chocolate buttercream mask)

- carrot cream cheese
- vegan mocha
- coconut nest
- triple chocolate

- hazelnut praline cream puff
- lemon lavender tart
galette with seasonal fruit
- apple pie and lemon meringue pie (we recommend ordering ahead if you want either flavour specifically)
- florentine bar (frolla pastry base, topped with caramel, chocolate, nuts and candied citrus)

- lemon sugar cookie chicks
- chocolate sugar cookie bunnies
- lemon sugar cookie eggs with royal icing decoration
- mini animal crackers (packs/12)
- mini meringue eggs (packs/12)

- devilled egg salad focaccia sandwich
- braised beef & vegetable pie (6", serves 2)

For the next few Saturdays we'll be making hot cross buns instead of our cinnamon buns.
Available April 1, 8, 13 & 15.

Our vega made even more special with roasted garlic cloves and organic herbs mixed in!
Available Mar 31, April 7, 13 & 15.