February is here, which in Victoria often means spring is around the corner! The weather forecast looks like we'll have wintry days for a bit longer though so you still have time to cozy up with our sourdoughs and some soups & stews (silver lining right?). Try some of our muesli cooked in milk for a healthy hot breakfast idea (also great as is, mixed into yogurt).
We do have some special features for Valentine's Day this month of course, including Red Velvet - a cake lightly flavoured with chocolate and cinnamon, topped with our white chocolate cream cheese frosting piped into pretty rosettes. Later next week you'll start seeing some Valentine messages written with chocolate on our tarts and heart sugar cookies, so you'll be able to pick out a message for your sweetheart!
Remember on Monday, February 13 we'll be closed for the stat holiday Family Day, so stock up on Valentine goodies the Saturday before or come in Tuesday morning.

Our features are listed below, and of course we have many other standard products available on a regular basis that you'll find in our menu.

- Carrot with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting
- Vegan Mocha
- Red Velvet

- carrot cream cheese
- vegan mocha
- red velvet

- chocolate raspberry tart
- lemon lavender tart
galette with seasonal fruit
- apple pie and pumpkin pie (we recommend ordering ahead if you want either flavour specifically)
- cheesecakes (chocolate or raspberry)

- cinnamon sugar cookie hearts (medium cookies, or packs/6 with 2 medium & 4 mini hearts)