Yes, it's time again for fruitcake! Some of you love it, some of you hate it. Some of you who Think you hate it should try ours... We use good quality organic dried fruit and our own candied citrus peel, which makes all the difference.
You know what else makes it good? The booze. Every year we soak the fruit in a lot of brandy before mixing into the cake.

This year, we're doing something different, and better! We've partnered with Wayward Distillation House in Courtenay to use their Polish spiced honey liqueur. Called Krupnik, it's a wonderful substitute for spiced rum or cinnamon whiskey, and I'm sure we'll be sipping on a bit, you know, for quality control.
All of the spirits at Wayward start off as 100% BC Honey, and their tag "fundamentally against the grain" totally fits with a gluten-free bakery!
Read more of their story here.

You will be able to buy our fruitcakes in Courtenay at Wayward's Tasting Room and Christmas Markets; contact them for details.

krupnik bottle.jpeg

Of course, you can also come grab some at our bakery locations in Victoria, since we'll be well stocked until Christmas!
Plain glazed fruitcakes $16 each.
Marzipan topped fruitcakes $16.50 each.

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