Happy New Year everybody! We hope you all had some relaxing time over the holidays, and that you've had a refreshing start to 2017.
Speaking of refreshing.. we have some bright flavours this month to add some sunny cheer to this cold weather! January is citrus month so we are making our lemon lavender tarts again, and have a great new feature cake with tart grapefruit curd offset with a pillowy marshmallow frosting (and this cake/cupcake is dairy-free too!).
If citrus isn't your thing, our other feature tart is a bit richer with a chai spiced whipped chocolate ganache in a cinnamon pastry shell.

Our special features are listed below, and of course we have many other standard products available on a regular basis that you'll find in our menu.

- Carrot with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting
- Chiffon with Grapefruit Juniper Curd & Marshmallow Frosting (dairy-free)*

- chiffon grapefruit with marshmallow frosting (dairy-free)*
- chocolate with buttercream (flavours will vary)

- chai spiced chocolate tart*
- lemon lavender tart
galette with seasonal fruit
- apple pie and pumpkin pie (we recommend ordering ahead if you want either flavour specifically)

- lemon sugar cookie snowflakes
- dairy-free grapefruit macarons

*we've discontinued these flavours early since sales weren't high enough - looks like you weren't as excited about grapefruit as we were! Get ready for February flavours - we're sure you're looking forward to the return of Red Velvet...