I love fall! The colours, the scarves, the arts events and, of course, the return of our butter tarts.
This month we're playing with sugar and spice, and one of our feature cakes/cupcakes is made with mincemeat. I know, mincemeat sounds weird and Can be weird, and I never used to like it. But, I think I just never had Good mincemeat, because our mincemeat is amazing. Plus 'mincemeat' is fun to say.
There is no meat involved (and no, we don't use suet in ours - we use coconut oil instead), but lots of fruit (peaches/plums right now, apples/pears later this fall) simmered down with dried fruit, almonds, our house-made candied citrus, fall spices, maple syrup and brandy among other things. Sounds delicious, right? Do yourself a favour and try our almond cake or cupcake with mincemeat and spiced buttercream.
Our other cake feature is more straight forward - chocolate with toffee, great combination! We made sponge toffee (looks like honeycomb, like in a Crunchie Bar) and broke it into little pieces. Then we layered our chocolate cake with brown sugar buttercream and crunchy bits of this toffee.

Our seasonal features are listed below, but if you're craving something specific that isn't there you can always give us a call or send us an email to ask if we can make you something special.
We have many other standard products available on a regular basis that you'll find in our menu.

- Almond Autumn Spice (almond cake, mincemeat, citrus curd, spiced buttercream)
- Chocolate Honeycomb (chocolate cake, sponge toffee bits, brown sugar buttercream)

- Almond Autumn Spice
- Chocolate Honeycomb

- Pumpkin tarts
- butter tarts (raisin or walnut filling)
- galette with seasonal fruit
- apple pie and pumpkin pie (we recommend ordering ahead if you want a specific filling)

- our Herb & Garlic Vega bread will be available starting next week til Thanksgiving on Fridays (Sept 23/30 & Oct 7)
- stuffing mix 300g (dried cubes of bread with organic herbs)