Summer is here and this week the weather actually feels like it! We are excited to be getting so many local berries in early this year - cherries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and currants already! We have a general plan for upcoming features but we'll be mixing up the fruit choices a bit, so you may see a tart with raspberries one day that will have blueberries the next. If you have a specific flavour in mind please place an order ahead to see if we can make it for you.
We have many other standard products available too that you'll find in our menu.

- charlotte with berries (we are currently featuring strawberries, but hope to transition to black currant soon)
- chocolate torte (we are currently featuring chocolate with cherries and chocolate brandied mousse; stay tuned to our social media for other berry variations)
- mini cheesecakes, 2 changing varieties (one chocolate, one fruit)
- mini layer cakes with buttercream

- lemon meringue chiffon with blueberries or raspberries (dairy-free!)
- chocolate orchard with cherries or black currant

- vanilla pastry with fresh berries & chantilly cream
- baked frangipane with stone fruit
- lemon with fresh berries
- cream puffs with berries
- galette with seasonal fruit (featuring apricots right now!)
- pie with apples or berries (if you're craving a specific filling give us a call ahead of time to see if we can make it for you; no minimum order, and we like suggestions!)