It's strawberry season, so we are putting local strawberries in our cupcakes, cakes and pastries! As more berries come into season we'll start to use more local berries like raspberries and blueberries. Since this year has been pretty warm, we hear raspberries may be available starting in June!
Remember both locations will be closed for kitchen repairs from June 6 - 13 (possibly longer). Stay tuned to our website and social media for updates.

- berry charlotte (chiffon layered with chantilly cream and berries, surrounded with ladyfingers and a bow)
- chocolate fudge with strawberries
- later in June when we re-open we'll be starting a 'black forest' cake with chocolate brandied mousse and BC cherries, topped with ganache (cherries are early this year!)

Cakes available to order are carrot, chocolate, vegan chocolate, chiffon or almond. You can request a variety of frostings, buttercreams or chantilly cream & berries in season.

- orchard berry (chiffon and/or chocolate cake topped with fresh berries & chantilly cream)
- chocolate fudge with strawberries
- carrot with cream cheese frosting
- vegan mocha

- berry cream tart (vanilla pastry with chantilly cream & berries)
- lemon lavender (topped with berries when in season!)
- fruit almond galette
- pie: rhubarb, strawberry, apple or combination of any of those available to order
- cream puffs with berries
- cheesecakes, usually 2 flavours per week (we currently have an amazing local kiwi & coconut chilled cheesecake made with goat chevre and cream cheese).

- large sugar cookie flowers & butterflies
- bag/12 mini animal cracker cookies