It's truly spring now with the arrival of local rhubarb and asparagus! You'll see rhubarb appearing in our galettes, pies, and one of our new feature cakes/cupcakes, as well as some muffins and cheesecakes I'm sure... Asparagus will soon be added to our vegetarian quiche, so enjoy while it lasts!
Find out about the rest of our standard items on our Menu page.

- coconut chiffon with lemon curd, local rhubarb puree with hibiscus, and soft meringue (dairy-free!)
- almond torte with local blackberry buttercream

You will also see some chocolate fudge cakes for the next couple weeks.

- chiffon with lemon rhubarb & meringue (dairy-free)
- almond with blackberry buttercream

- vanilla pastry with almond frangipane & local apples, topped with bruleed apples
- lemon lavender
- rhubarb almond galette
- rhubarb or rhubarb strawberry pie (apple pie available to order)

- large sugar cookie flowers
- bag/12 mini animal cracker cookies

- asparagus quiche coming as soon as we can order in local asparagus!