Do you love our products but would rather get them in your favourite restaurant or cafe? Let's face it, we do not have a lot of seating available, and we will not make you a tasty burger or an espresso drink with your cookies.
Our neighbour in Stadacona Centre, Gordie's Music, does now serve espresso drinks so you can grab a treat from us, a latte from Gordie, and head over to the park for a picnic!

Or you can explore around town - Origin supplies over 30 businesses and you can find out where on our website!

Our newest wholesale customers include The Hot and Cold Cafe in Cook St Village, Artisan Bistro in Broadmead Village, and Swans Brewpub by Chinatown.
You may pay a nominal fee for getting a restaurant's gluten-free option, but how great is it to go out with friends for burgers and be able to order a burger with a bun instead of a lettuce leaf?!

Would you like to see a restaurant added to our list? Feel free to recommend us as a supplier to your favourite business!