You may have noticed that we updated our website. Over the last few months I've had fun learning how to use Squarespace to create this fancy site, and I hope you like it!
Besides the expected pages, you'll find ingredients and allergens included with each product, information about the ingredients we do use, detailed instructions about ordering, where to find our products at other businesses, and our Community Health Network.
And, most importantly, pictures. Lots of pretty pretty pictures.

Please take a look through and let me know if you think there could be any improvements; I appreciate feedback!

Those of you who already receive our monthly newsletter will notice a change. Instead of monthly newsletters, I will be trying this blogging thing for regular communications about features and tips about gluten-free living, etc. The newsletter will become more of a seasonal events and information piece every few months. If you are not already signed up to our mailing list, you can sign up now!