We have a big list of gluten-free flours we can use in place of 'regular' flour, and many are even more nutritious. We don't use a master blend for all of our products since we want each product to have its own unique texture and flavour profile. Part of our vision is to share knowledge with our community, so we offer this page to describe some of the ingredients we use and why we use them. You can find these descriptions by clicking on the images.

Read more about some of these grains on the Serious Eats guide to whole grains. Another great source of further information about ingredients is The World's Healthiest Foods.

We source the ingredients for our breads from a number of suppliers, including Avena Foods (Only Oats), Bob's Red Mill, PSC Natural Foods, Left Coast Naturals, Saltspring Sunrise, Peace River Honey, Lockwood Farms, Millstone Farm, and Springcrest Farm.

In our menu you will find ingredients for each product by clicking on the item image.