On January 19th to 22nd Stadacona Centre will be getting electrical upgrades. The work will be completed over a 72 hour period and will require the power to be off for the duration of the work for the entire building. For the safety of all residents, all commercial tenants are required to remain closed and vacate the premises while the work is underway.
Unfortunately, this means our Pandora Ave location will be closing early at 4:30pm on Friday Jan 19 to give us time to put ingredients/products into storage, and will remain closed until Monday morning Jan 22.
Our Goldstream Ave retail location in Langford will be open as usual; however, since our kitchen production is based at our Pandora bakery, we will be making and delivering a more limited product range Friday night to sell on Saturday. You will be able to pick up orders, or just drop by to shop at our Goldstream store.
If travelling to Langford is difficult for you, we recommend stocking up at Pandora on Friday and ordering ahead, as it may be busier than usual.
Depending on how early the work is completed on Monday morning, the production times of our breads may be delayed, and we will not have sourdoughs available that Monday. We will most likely still be open at 7:30am.

Origin Bakery_2015-07-16-144.jpg

Here is the menu available for Saturday Jan 20 at 713A Goldstream Ave.
Hours this day will be 9am - 5:30pm.

White & Multigrain Sourdoughs
Spring Bread
Vega Bread
Oat Bread
Hamburger Buns
Cheese Buns

Cakes (orders in by Wed 3pm)
Almond Slice
Lemon Lavender Tarts (by order only)
Apple Pies

Meat Pies

Cookies/Bars & dry goods as usual

Not Available:

muffins, scones, cinnamon buns, dinner rolls, baguettes, pepita, eclairs, sandwiches, pizzas