Celiac disease is receiving more attention and recognition these days, and we regularly welcome newly diagnosed customers, yet we find many have limited knowledge regarding their dietary and support options.

We do know how to bake a great gluten-free product! We do not know why you feel sick, and we are not qualified to tell you what products you should eat to feel better.

For this reason, Origin would like to encourage relationships between the health community and our customers. By promoting informed choices, we hope to increase awareness of the relationship between food and a healthy balanced lifestyle. To facilitate this we have developed Origin Community Health Network to showcase a diverse amount of health and wellness services available in our neighbourhoods.

We do not refer customers to specific professionals, but offer this page to those in the health community who wish to reach out to our customers, and have asked us to list them here.

Click on the buttons below to connect you to practitioners who have chosen to be part of this network.

If you have feedback, or are a support group or health practitioner (doctor, specialist, naturopath, dietitian, etc) and you would like to take part in this free service, please contact us and we will add your link to this page.

If you would not like your name here, but are interested in carrying our health network brochures or business cards to give to your patients, feel free to contact us as well.

We look forward to your involvement and input towards our goal of making Origin Community Health Network a worthwhile and encouraging addition to our community.