feature cake

Around every month or two we like to switch up our feature cakes and cupcakes, so you can try something different! It could be anything from a simple cake layered with buttercream, to a rich mousse cake or a light summer berry & cream cake. Stay tuned to our social media to find out what features we currently have available.

If you want to special order a cake, you can choose between the cake layers we have in production currently.
We always have vegan chocolate, carrot, and almond layers available.
Our chocolate and chiffon layers have limited availability if they are not used in our current features, and minimum order for those layers would be a half slab cake or 30 cupcakes.
Once you have a cake base decided just pick a buttercream or frosting for the layers - give us a call to find out what flavours we can make. If you would like a flavour of buttercream/frosting different than our current features we require a minimum order of 6 cupcakes or a 6" or larger cake.

cupcake - $3.60
6" round - $39.95
8" round - $65.00
10" round - $94.00
half slab - $135.00