Along with all of our standard items, we have these special items for your holiday feasts!
Order deadline for breads/buns for pick-up Dec 23/24 is Dec 22 at noon.
Order deadline for sweets/lunches for pick-up Dec 22-24 is Dec 21 at noon.
Scroll down to see our holiday hours.

- Cranberry Orange Torte (almond cake layered and masked with cranberry candied orange buttercream)
- Chocolate Ginger Mousse (chocolate cake topped with brandied chocolate ginger mousse, surrounded with dark chocolate ganache)
- Fruitcake (real candied citrus and organic dried fruit with a healthy dose of brandy! with or without marzipan)

- carrot with cream cheese frosting
- vegan mocha ganache
- almond with cranberry candied orange buttercream
- chocolate fudge

- pumpkin tarts
- butter tarts (raisin or walnut filling)
- apple caramel galette with almond frangipane
- apple pie and pumpkin pie (we recommend ordering ahead if you want either flavour specifically)
- mini cheesecakes
- almond cake slice with marzipan
- chocolate eclairs

- gingerbread people
- gingerbread 'family pack' (2 large, 4 mini)
- mini gingerbread people (pack/6 or pack/12)
- gingerbread snowflakes with royal icing decoration
- 'decorate your own' gingerbread people pack (includes 6 un-sugared large gingerbread, 125g gluten-free candies, 100g white chocolate chips)
- gingerbread house kit (includes 4 wall panels, 2 roof panels, board, and recipe for royal icing)
- lemon sugar cookie snowmen with royal icing
- peppermint sugar cookie trees
- vanilla bean shortbread

- herb & garlic vega bread (Dec 2, 9, 16, 23 & 24)
- walnut cranberry loaf (Dec 17 & 23)
- stuffing mix 300g (dried cubes of bread with organic herbs)
- mini panettone (glazed buns with candied citrus & dried fruit)

Savoury pies with a filling of spiced ground beef & smoked pork (meat from The Village Butcher).
These pies are 6" round, and feed 2 people.
Our pies are made in large batches, then sold frozen (unless you happen to visit us on a fresh baked day:)).
Thaw about 2 hours on counter before cooking (store in fridge up to 5 days after thawing). Bake at 375F for 45-60 min or until centre is hot.


We will be closing at noon on December 24 and re-opening normal hours on Monday January 2.
Remember to stock up for the week we're closed and your New Year's Eve parties! Ask our staff which items have a better shelf life, or which items will freeze well.
Our Goldstream location will be opening early at 8am on Dec 23 & 24.