gluten-free, and could be soy / corn / nut / potato-free depending on crust

filling: cream cheese, white/dark chocolate and/or fruit puree, sour cream, organic cane sugar, free-range eggs

crust: varies depending on cake or cookie crumbs used. If you have a nut allergy, be warned that we can't guarantee no traces of nuts in the crumbs used for the mini cheesecakes.
If you want to special order a larger cheesecake, we may have options for nut-free crusts.

These little cheesecakes are very soft, creamy and rich, but you won't want to share! We usually have 2 flavours available, which may change weekly.
Sometimes we'll feature a chilled (not baked) chevre cheesecake made with a combination of cream cheese and goat cheese.
Stay tuned to our social media and blog for current features.

We carry our mini cheesecakes every day; however, you are able to order full size cheesecakes with 2 business days' notice.

mini: $4.80 each, available every day

6" round - $37
8" round - $64
10" round - $91