Why do we not have a bread slicer?

We are aware of the many other allergens our customers may be concerned about, so, to avoid cross contact between our breads, we leave them whole. Also, our breads come in a variety of textures. Depending on the loaf, a commercial slicer may rip, tear, or crumble our bread, or the bread may be too sticky for the blades.

Unless you are freezing your bread right away, we recommend just slicing as needed. We do not use preservatives or dough conditioners, so the breads also dry out more quickly if sliced all at once.
For slicing, we recommend waiting until the bread is completely cool, and then using a sharp serrated bread knife. If the bread isn't completely cool, it may rip or tear more easily, or be too gummy for your knife.
Some of our breads, especially the Hype and Oat, will leave a sticky residue on your knife. This does not mean the breads are unbaked. Each day the breads are baked to a certain internal temperature. However, there may be variations in the loaves of each batch, and if you are unsure please feel free to check with us about your bread.

Why does my bread have holes in it?

We make an artisanal product without the aid of dough conditioners to smooth the dough or proofers to keep a consistent proofing temperature. Several factors that could affect the dough are mixing times, fluctuations in room temperature depending on outside weather, water temperature needed for proper proofing time, and how long the dough is left to proof.
Some small holes are to be expected; however, if you have bought a loaf with a significant hole(s) please feel free to return it for exchange next time you are able to come in. This way we can show the bakers and determine what needs to be adjusted depending on how the holes are formed and situated within the loaf. If you are unable to return for a long time, a picture of the cut bread will be acceptable for exchange.
If your bread is not returned, we are willing to offer 50% off another bread.


All of our breads do freeze well, and we recommend freezing the bread 2 days after purchase (or sooner) to better preserve the texture/taste.
We recommend slicing your bread before freezing, making it easier to remove only what you need at a time.
If you have purchased one of our frozen unsliced breads you can still thaw, slice, and refreeze the bread.
If you place pieces of paper/parchment between slices before freezing, the slices will come apart more easily when frozen.
After freezing, bread texture is improved by toasting. It is not necessary to thaw slices before toasting.
Alternatively, you can microwave frozen slices to thaw instead, for more of a 'fresh baked' taste.
We do not recommend freezing bread over 2 months, depending on how you store it.

Save money!

If available, you can purchase day-old bread for a discount!
If you don't see the bread you want, ask if we have any discounted frozen bread. Yes, you can thaw bread, slice it, and re-freeze again if you like. The texture will only be slightly drier than if it had been sliced before freezing.

If you order 12 or more of 1 type of bread loaf (applies only to staple, pepita, oat, vega or hype), receive 10% off! Discount only applies to orders placed at least one business day in advance of the pick-up date before 3pm, and we will ask for credit card information. This deal is not offered on Saturdays.

Are you buying bread for communion at church? Register your church with us, and we'll offer a 30% discount on breads you order on Fridays or Saturdays to use for your communion services. We recommend our Spring, Vega or Focaccia breads.