Friends since high school, these two creative women shared a love of good food and had discussed business ideas for years. Fun ideas turned into a serious project when they noticed a gap in the niche market of artisanal gluten free baking and started dreaming up Origin Bakery. Neither of them are celiac or need to eat gluten-free, but they were accustomed to catering to special diets, and the idea of creating better products for the celiac community was exciting! Was it a lot of work? Yes. Sourcing a large range of safe ingredients wasn't always easy. But it was all worth it when they continued to see the happy customer faces!

Tara black

Tara Black began her culinary training in high school and continued through college. She later decided to pursue a baking apprenticeship in Victoria and was awarded Top Apprentice in BC upon completion. Since starting her apprenticeship journey on the sweet side of the kitchen Tara spent over 10 years building her career as a pastry chef before embarking on Origin with Marion. She worked among talented chefs and bakers at The Empress, Pure Vanilla, La Collina, The Inn at the Laurel Point and more.
At Origin she has maintained a steady roster of baking apprentices and loves to mentor. When she's not busy as a successful entrepreneur, she still enjoys exercising her culinary talents in fundraising events as a member of the Island Chefs' Collaborative, a community of chefs who help fund local farms.


Marion Scott

Marion Scott completed her education in languages and linguistics before realizing she had more interest in food! She trained in the culinary program at Camosun College, expanding her knowledge through work at chocolateries, butcher shops, and fine restaurants throughout Canada and Europe.
Before opening Origin with Tara, Marion fueled her love for travel and honed her customer service by working as a flight attendant. Taking advantage of the cheap flight benefits, these ladies made the brilliant decision to organize their business plan while camping on the beaches of Maui. Obviously!
Marion enjoys directing her creative energy towards research, Origin's social media and website, and probably spends too much time looking at a computer screen.

*photography by Vic42